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Monday thru Friday:
8am – 4:30pm

Army Community Service
Exceptional Family Member Program
Bldg 622, West Point, NY
(845) 938-5655/4621

DSN: 688-5655/4621
Toll free hotline: 800-643-3039
FAX: (845) 938-3019

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The Exceptional family Member Program (EFMP) is a Department of the Army (DA) Program that assists Service Members and their Families. The ACS EFMP seeks to ensure that all Families with physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual disorders receive prompt and adequate information, referral and assistance to appropriate services and resources. We provide advocacy, education, and supports as well as help with reassignments, enrollment and other services both on and off the installation.

What is the Exceptional
Family Member Program?

The EFMP is a mandatory enrollment program that works with other military and civilian agencies to provide comprehensive
and coordinated medical,
educational, housing, community support and personnel services to
Families with special needs.

Who is an Exceptional Family Member?

An exceptional family member is a family member (child or adult) with any physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual special need (to include autism) that requires special treatment,
therapy, education, training, or counseling. The family members must be dependent enrolled in DEERS to be enrolled in the EFMP.

What are the benefits of enrollment in the program?

Enrollment allows assignment managers at Army personnel agencies to consider the
documented medical and special education needs of Exceptional Family Members in the assignment
process. When possible, Soldiers are assigned to an area where the
medical and special education needs of the Exceptional Family Member can be met. This will depend on the valid personnel
requirement for the Soldier’s
grade, specialty and eligibility for the tour. All Soldiers are still eligible for worldwide assignments.

Contacts the nearest medical treatment facility EFMP point of contact to begin the assessment process and to obtain the enrollment forms: DD Form 2792 (Medical), DD Form 2792-1 (Special Education).

EFMP’s Year Round Activities
at West Point

The Exceptional Family Member
Program strives to provide
programs and events throughout
the year that promote awareness,
support, inclusion, and fun for the entire Family. Whether you are an Exceptional Family Member, a Family Member, or a Service
Member we have something for everyone.

PAWS For Kids
EFMP has partnered with the
American Red Cross to bring
Therapy Dogs for children and adults to enjoy. For children with special needs, the ability to interact with a dog can have a very positive impact upon their quality of life. Interacting with the therapy dogs can change behavior, create a sense of responsibility and even improve social interactions. Pick up one of our flyers on the installation and bring the whole family for a visit! Bring a book to read, work on a drawing, or enjoy a snack with our furry friends. We will introduce you
to all the dogs and their handlers.

Paws for Kids
Summer Schedule

Paws Pamphlet link
Paws for Kids Pamphlet

Connecting (TLC)

At EFMP, we strive to provide advocacy, education and support
for the entire West Point Community. We understand that every Family has different
needs and schedules, for that reason, we provide support group
meeting held at ACS during lunch hours or in the evening. We bring
in outside professionals to bring awareness, information, and answer any questions. We encourage everyone to come learn about and discuss different important topics that pertain
to our demographic.

Unified Sports
EFMP believes in bringing
Families and the community
together to foster an
environment of friendship,
support, and compassion. This is all made possible through a partnership with USMA Cadets, Special Olympics Unified Sports,
and EFMP creating an environment for your child to explore outdoor sport activities.
Join us, our dedicated Cadet
Volunteers and other Families
to create friendships, enhance
coordination, grow self-esteem,
learn and ultimately have fun.

Unified Sports

EFMP Helpful Downloads
EFMP Program Brochure
EFMP Rights and Responsibilities
Respite Care Pamphlet
Special Needs Accommodation Process Team Pamphlet (SNAP)
SCOR for Adults
SCOR for Children

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