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Monday thru Friday:
8am – 4:30pm

Army Community Service
Mobilization & Deployment Readiness Program
Bldg 622, West Point, NY
(845) 938-4621

DSN: 688-4621
Toll free hotline: 800-643-3039
FAX: (845) 938-3019

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The Mobilization & Deployment Readiness Program helps to better prepare Soldiers and Families for pending deployment.
Deployment can be a highly emotional and stressful event. At Mobilization/Deployment & SSO, we can help ease your mind by letting you know what to expect and the best ways to prepare for all three stages of the deployment cycle (Pre-deployment, Deployment, and Reintegration).


West Point FRG Overview

Instructions for West Point FRG Overview

West Point FRG Treasurer's Training

Instructions for West Point FRG Treasurer's Training

West Point FRG Leader and Unit Leadership Partnership for Effective FRG's

Instructions for West Point FRG Leader and Unit Leadership Partnership for Effective FRGs

Family Readiness Liaison TrainingLiason Training

Family Readiness Groups
What is a Family Readiness Group (FRG)? In today’s Army, the FRG is a commander’s program, formed to provide activities and support that encourage self-sufficiency among its members by providing information, referral assistance, and mutual support (AR 608-1, 4-6a). The stated and official mission of FRGs is to act as an extension of the unit in providing official, accurate command information, provide mutual support between the command and FRG membership, advocate for the more efficient use of available community resources, and help Families solve problems at the lowest level (AR 608-1, App J).

Family Readiness Groups have been around, in some way, shape, or form, for centuries.  Army Families play a leading role in helping their extended Army Family cope with issues that may arise from being geographically separated from their Families back home or being new to the military lifestyle. Army Spouses and Family Members have caused the evolution in the importance that is placed on them today simply by doing what they’re meant to do—taking care of our Soldiers and Families.

In more recent decades, with the seemingly endless cycle of deployments and separations, FRGs played a more significant role in supporting families. Family Readiness Groups have evolved alongside the Army’s shift in demographics. This continues to be the case as the deployment cycles slow down and the Army becomes “right-sized”.  The need for Families to be resilient to changes and self-reliant is ever present. An effective FRG and command team partnership can aid in meeting this need.

The Army Community Service stands ready to assist both commanders and FRG staffs with needed training and resources that will better prepare them for their respective roles in the FRG.  For information on available classes, please contact ACS at 845-938-4621 or 845-938-2519.

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The Army Well-Being Liaison Office Information Line (800-833-6622) provides accurate information, useful resources and helpful referral services to Soldiers, Civilians, Retirees, Veterans and their Family members with issues or concerns pertaining to Army life (deployment, child support, Family readiness, etc). The information line is staffed Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm.

Military One Source
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Operation Homefront
Army Family Guide Book

Care Team Training:
Care Team Training Sponsorship Presentation
Care Team Training Sponsorship Exam
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