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Monday thru Friday:
8am – 4:30pm

Army Community Service
Army Family Action Plan
Bldg 622, West Point, NY
(845) 938-3655

DSN: 688-3655/4621
Toll free hotline: 800-643-3039
FAX: (845) 938-3655

Got Issues. . . you would like to see resolved? The Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) is your avenue for results.

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Submit an AFAP Issue here

Issues can be submitted online by registering and logging onto the ArmyOneSource website under the AFAP Issue Management icon. (select West Point installation). Or they can be emailed to Jennifer.partridge@usma.edu

What is AFAP?

The Army Family Action Plan is an Army-wide initiative to identify issues of concern to improve the overall Quality of Life for Soldiers and their Families. This process is used to identify the most critical well-being issues facing the Army today and provide suggestions about how things can be improved. Senior Army leadership places a great deal of emphasis on issues raised through the AFAP process and work to ensure that, wherever possible, they are resolved.

What happens to AFAP issues?
The Commander’s AFAP Steering Committee meets semi annually to provide updates about issue resolution and ensure that issues are continually worked and do not become stagnant. Issues remain in the process until the Steering Committee deems them complete or unattainable. The Committee is chaired by the Garrison Commander and Chief of Staff.

What happens to issues that cannot be resolved locally?
Issues that are beyond the scope of West Point are forwarded to DA for inclusion into the AFAP process., At DA issues are

reviewed, and those that are prioritized are worked. The General Officer Steering Committee (GOSC) meets quarterly to review issues and determines when they are complete or unattainable.

How do we know when issues are resolved?

For information about all West Point AFAP issues, please review the West Point AFAP Issue Update Book or spreadsheet of all issues.

West Point Active AFAP Issues Update Book (March 2016)

West Point Completed/Unattainable AFAP Issues Update book
(March 2016)

You can now search active HQDA AFAP issues by visiting ArmyOneSource

2016 West Point AFAP
Information Paper

How long does it take for an issue to be resolved?

Some issues can be resolved within 90 days of submission, however, some issues that require higher level action such as changes to Army and OSD regulatory guidance and policy and to Federal law require time to accomplish. Some issues prove more difficult to resolve than others. On the average, issues at the HQDA level take 2 ½ years to complete.

What are some of AFAP’s success stories?
To get an idea of what AFAP has done for the Army family; take a look at some of the benefits available today as a result of the process.

Some success stories at HQDA:
Montgomery GI Bill can be transferred to dependents.
Expanded dental insurance plan that increased coverage for dental procedures and some orthodontic services.
Temporary Lodging Expense increased from 4 to 10 days.
Soldiers may store a vehicle at government expense if PCS to location where vehicle not allowed.
Thrift Savings Plan was authorized.
Military spouse unemployment compensation.
Military Spouse preference for federal Jobs.

We have also experienced several successes locally, including:
MWR offers Recreational Paintball and Formalized Student Ambassador Program at West Point Middle School.
Playground for Special Needs Family Members
Sponsorship program for deployed personnel
Junior ROTC program at O’Neill High School
Taco Bell
Covered Bus Stops
Refreshments at Exchange offered movies
Recreational paintballing