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Monday - Friday,

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Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS)
Family Child Care (FCC)
Lee CYS Services,
Bldg. 140, West Point , NY
(845) 938-4458/0939/0940

Erin Leahy, FCC Director
(845) 938-0086

Registration: Families must complete/submit an application to Parent Central located at Bldg 140.

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What is Family Child
Care (FCC)?

FCC providers offer certified child care for children 4 weeks through 12 years of age in government quarters. They also may provide weekend and overnight care as well as care for mildly ill children on a case by case basis.
Family Child Care includes child care for those children best served within a small group or home setting. FCC homes offer a full range of hourly, full-day, and part-day care. These homes are of particular value to sponsors whose hours exceed those of center-based programs. FCC providers are private contractors certified and monitored by CDS. Because FCC providers are private contractors, they may develop some of their own policies/procedures which should be contained in a written contract.

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Become a Certified FCC Provider

Provider referrals are made through the Outreach Services Office (845) 938-4458 in Building 140. Contact the Director’s office at (845) 938-0086, if interested in becoming a FCC provider.

Why be a Family Child Care (FCC) Provider?

Family Child Care (FCC) Training will be offered for family members interested in providing child care and who are living in government quarters at West Point. The training will be for those who will provide general child care for all ages of children and especially for those willing to provide care for children who are:

Infants (4 weeks to 12 months) requiring full-day care during the hours of 6am-5:30pm
Infants through 12 years of age who need care for "extended" hours, i.e. other than 6am-5:30pm

Children who are mildly ill or children with special needs. Training classes will mainly be scheduled during morning hours (and possibly one evening) over a two-week period. Please contact the FCC Director's Office at (845) 938-0086 to sign up and receive the initial orientation information.

Benefits for FCC Providers:
Training and guidance on child care skills
Be at home with own children
Additional income from USDA Food Program
Free advertising and referrals

Parents & Outreach Services

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