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Monday - Friday 7am - 4pm
Closed Daily from 12:15-12:45pm

Appointments for Registration &
Re-Registration for Childcare Programs,
SKIES, Sports, hired!, Middle School
& Teen Sign ups.

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Child, Youth & School (CYS) Services
Parent and Outreach Services
Lee Area CYS Facility,
Bldg. 140, West Point , NY
(845) 938-4458/0939

Parent & Outreach Services Director
Erin Faherty
(845) 938-3969

Parent & Outreach Services provides all enrollment and registration for all Child, Youth & School Services programs

Fiscal Year 15/16 Army Fee Policy
Signed USAG WP Policy #20 Child Supervision and Curfew

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Parent & Outreach Services
Parent Central provides centralized enrollment and waiting lists for all child, youth, and teen programs, resource/referral for childcare on and off post, teen baby-sitter training and referral, extended hours care, special center openings and Kids on Site at approved sites other than the CDC when groups cannot be accommodated in the CDC. In addition, Parent & Outreach Services offers Program Registration and Enrollment, Multi Disciplinary Inclusion Action Team , Kids on Site, Parents on Site, Parent Education Seminars and Services. The Parent and Outreach Services team is located at the Lee CYS Services, Building 140.

Parent Central is the gateway to all of Child, Youth & School Services programs. You can register for all CYSS programs (i.e. Sports, SKIES, EDGE, full day child care, part day preschool, School Age Care and Midle School Teen Center).

Program Information
Multi Disciplinary Inclusion Action Team (MIAT)
Address needs of children with allergies, asthma, heart murmurs, developmental delays
and educational needs.
Programs and services within Child, Youth and School Services.
Appropriate placement after MIAT evaluation.
Establish goals to help meet developmental milestones.

Kids on Site

Kids on Site provides occasional short-term child care at an approved location where parents remain on site during the child care. Fees are based on the number of children attending.

Parents on Site
Parents on Site provides occasional short-term child care by trained volunteers where the parents remain on site during the child care at an approved location. There is no cost for this program. For more information, please call (845) 938-3969

Army Family Covenant
Army Family Covenant Discount available for:
Families of Wounded Warriors and Warriors in Transition.
Families of Fallen Warriors.
Families of deployed Military and DoD Civilians.

Depending on the sponsor’s status, West Point children may be eligible for 16 hours of free hourly care, 20% discount on full and part-day child care fees, Sports and SKIESUnlimited Instructional Classes benefits. A copy of the sponsor’s orders must be on file at Parent Central when registering. A current CYSS pass is required. CYSS Annual Registration is currently free under the Army Family Covenant!

Babysitting Certification Course

Football Saturday Childcare

Enrollment & Registration Information

Families must complete/submit an application to the Parent Central office located in the Lee CYS Services (forms also available at the Stony Child Development Center).
All forms must be legible. Forms that are repeatedly faxed or scanned and are illegible will not be accepted by Parent Central.

Bring all forms for registration. The registration forms are found at the Webtrac button above. To obtain the forms log in as a guest and click on the Forms Link and then click on Required Reg Forms. Please print and bring the completed form to your registration appointment.
Registration Requirements
Health-Sport Physical*
Health Screening Tool

*Health-Sport Physical needs to be signed and stamped by a licensed health care professional and returned to Parent Central within 30 days after child’s start date. If not submitted by due date, child will not be allowed to continue participation in the program.

Children with special needs require medical documentation prior to registering with Child, Youth & School Services. In some cases, allergies are considered a special need. If your child has a food allergy that requires an Epi-pen or Benadryl you will need to have the Allergy Medical Action Plan completed as well as the Special Diet Statement. All forms must be completed, signed and stamped by a licensed health care professional.

All forms completed
Identification (Proof of Eligibility).
Last 4 digits of sponsor's social security number.
Child’s current immunization record stamped and signed by a licensed health professional.
LES/pay stubs for you and your spouse.
Two (2) Local Emergency contacts other than you or your spouse.

Registration FAQs:
Currently at West Point, we have a waiting list for children 6 weeks to 3 years of age at our Stony Child Development Center.

Wait List Procedures

Placing your Child
Multi-disciplinary inclusion action team (MIAT)
MIAT is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who assist Families on determining the safest, least restrictive and most appropriate placement for children, youth and teens requiring special care. In conjunction with the Army Community Service Exceptional Family Member Program, MIAT is available to help establish child care, school age, youth services, SKIES Instructional or recreational sports and fitness activities that may help alleviate the stress on parents.

When would a child be referred to this team?
Some examples of conditions which might warrant a referral to the MIAT:
• Allergies
• Diabetes
• Learning disorders/disabilities • Epilepsy
Limited mobility
• Developmental delays
• Autism
• Hearing/language/vision difficulties

MIAT Paperwork Required
To obtain the forms log in to WebTrac as a guest and click on the Forms Link and then click on Required Reg Forms. Please print and bring the completed form to your registration appointment.
Please remember that all forms must be signed and stamped by a licensed health care professional and returned to Parent Central at Building 140, Lee CYS Services.
• If your child has a prescription for an inhaler or nebulizer, you need to complete a Respiratory Medical Action Plan
• If your child has any type of allergy that calls for the use of Benadryl, Epi-Pen or an inhaler, you need to complete an Allergy Medical Action Plan.
• If your child has food allergies or if you have a food substitution based on religious beliefs,
you need to complete a Special Diet Statement.
• If your child has seizures, you need to complete a Seizure Medical Action Plan
• If your child has diabetes you need to complete a Diabetes Action Plan.

Instructions for filling out the Medical Action Plans
Instructions for completing the Respiratory MAP
Instructions for completing the Allergy MAP
Instructions for completing the Special Diet Statement
Instructions for completing the Seizure MAP

All forms need to be turned in to the Parent Central Office to be reviewed by the Army Public Health Nurse and the MIAT committee.

What if additional concerns
arise at a later date?

If the child’s needs change, the parent desires a different placement or the child is experiencing difficulties, another MIAT meeting will be scheduled to address whatever changes might be necessary.

Are parents present during
the review?

Yes, parents may be asked to attend the MIAT committee meeting. Parental input is a crucial element to the process. The EFMP coordinator will work with the parents to arrange a meeting time so that the parents are able to attend. The parents may be asked to bring specific information, such as medical documentation, prescription information and any other information about the child’s special needs.

Are providers trained to care for
my child’s special needs?

All CYSS caregivers are trained and experienced. If a child presents a situation which is new to the staff, the staff members will be trained before the child enters the program.

For more information, please contact the CYS Services nurse Brooke Haulburton at (845) 938-3921 or the EFMP Program Manager, Josephine Toohey at (845) 938-5655.