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Hours of Operation

7 days a week: 8am-6pm

Recreation Division (RD)

ATTENTION: Mine Lake will now be closed until further notice due to
construction.  No activities will be authorized such as: fishing, ice
fishing, and/or small game hunting in the surrounding area until furthernotice.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please Note: Round Pond has Blood Worms in stock at $12.25 Per dozen.

Purchase your West Point Hunting and Fishing Permits at Round Pond Recreation Area. Round Pond Rec Area
Round Pond Recreation is no longer selling NYS Licenses. All eligible personnel must have NYS License prior to purchasing a West Point Permit.

An Angler's Guide to the West Point Military Reservation
Prepared by: Natural Resources Branch, Fish & Wildlife Biologist, DPW
The 16,000 acre West Point Military Reservation has several lakes, ponds, and streams available for recreational fishing. West Point Reg. 215-5 governs fishing and boating on the reservation. Special fishing regulations unique to West Point and more stringent than NYS Fish and Wildlife Law are included in the regulation. All fish management at West Point is conducted by the Natural Resources Branch, DPW, (845) 938-7122. All anglers 16 years and older must have a N.Y. State fishing license AND a West Point fishing permit to fish in West Point waters, and have military ID.

Trout Stocking map graphic link

Unofficial record:
25" Largemouth Bass
Caught By CIV William Blackmon
On 9/12/2014
West Point Permit Fees
Bring your driver's license and N.Y.S. Fishing License
to obtain a West Point Fishing Permit.







E5 and up DoD Civilians



Ages 65 and over



Summer Task Force



Juniors, ages 12-15



New York State Fishing Licenses:
West Point Family and MWR has discontinued the in person sale of New York State Hunting and Fishing Licenses.  We will continue to sell West Point permits through Outdoor Recreation at Round Pond Campground starting 1 April from 0800-1800. Contact x2503 for more information about West Point Permits. Patrons are able to purchase their New York State Hunting and Fishing Licenses either online at https://aca.dec.accela.com/dec/, in person at various local locations including the offices of the Town of Highlands, Town of Cornwall, and the Town of New Windsor, or via telephone at (866) 933-2257.  A comprehensive list of local locations is available from the New York DEC at http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/95698.html#Orange.  Please note, fishing licenses are instantly valid. To get licenses/tags instantly, visit a license issuing agent location.

Active Duty, non-New York resident personnel will still be able to purchase their discounted New York State License either online or in person at various local locations including the offices of the Town of Highlands, Town of Cornwall, and the Town of New Windsor. If they are purchasing in person, they are encouraged to fill out this form ahead of time: http://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/wildlife_pdf/affidavit.pdf More information about New York State reduced fee Sporting Licenses is available here: http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/6097.html

West Point Fishing Permits: are available at Round Pond Recreation Area. Please bring your N.Y. State fishing license and military or DoD civilian ID proving West Point eligibility. West Point fishing and hunting permit fees are charged according to rank or age (see accompanying chart).

Guide Water Size/Depth:
Most of the depth maps were produced in 1974 by the Natural Resources Branch. A sounding line was used to determine depths along several transects at each area. A sonar unit was used in 1989 to update some maps. The contours on the maps are approximations and indicate depths at capacity. Consequently, depths will be different at lower water levels, but contour profiles will not change. Physical characteristics include the surface area in acres and the maximum and average depths measured in feet.

Boat & Motor Usage
Boats may be used in all West Point waters with the following restrictions: powerboats (internal combustion engines) may be used only on Stilwell and Popolopen lakes. Daily powerboat permits are available at the Round Pond Recreation Area office. Nonpower boats (includes boats powered by electric motors) may be used in all waters except Lusk Reservoir where ONLY boats using oars and paddles may be used. All boaters must have a U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation device for each passenger. If Outdoor Recreation boats are stationed at the pond, it is noted. Boat passes are available at the Round Pond Recreation Office.

Boats/Motors/Trailers & Accessories
Electric trolling motor with battery $15/day
Boat, trailer w/gas motor, fuel can, 2-cycle oil, anchor & life vests (gas not included) $50/day
Battery, marine $ 5/day
Life vest (ea.) $ 2/day
Paddles (pair) $ 2/day
Row Boat or 15' Alum Canoe w/life vest, oars/paddle & anchor $6/hour, $20/8 hours, $25/24 hours Paddleboats $6/hr or $4/half hr

Boat Passes
E1 - E4, Cadets $75/season
All others $100/season
Passes are good for one boating season. Row boats are moored on 6 lakes/ponds. Keys are signed out at Round Pond on a 48 hr basis. Daily fees are charged for late returns.

The following codes indicate what motors can be used on boats - N-no motors allowed; E-electric motors permitted; GP- gasoline-powered motors permitted; a Daily Powerboat Permit must be obtained from the Round Pond Recreation office.


The location of each area is described in relation to the West Point training map and major roadways. Access to some areas is restricted due to locked gates. The guide notes the areas and access gate numbers. Depending on the area and the training schedule, gate keys may be signed out on a daily basis from the Range Control Office, DOPS, on Route 293. You will save yourself time and inconvenience if you check the Training Schedule in the Post Bulletin and call the Range Control Office (938-3930/4317) before driving out for a gate key. Access for 2WD passenger-type privately owned vehicles (POVs) is described as excellent, good, fair, and poor. In most cases pickup trucks and 4WD vehicles with high ground clearance should have little difficulty in reaching the areas during dry road conditions.

In general the fish are not stocked if the species cannot naturally reproduce in West Point's lakes, ponds, or streams. If all habitat variables, except reproductive variables, exist in an area, the species may be stocked if prescribed in the West Point Fisheries Management Plan and funds and fish are available. Catch and release of all sportfish is encouraged to increase the number of large fish caught per trip and the catch rate
(fish caught per hour).

Photo of Jason Harty with fish
Jason Harty with 7.5lb Large Mouth Bass caught at Bull Pond Boat Dock. September 8, 2013

Fishing Use:
Fishing use was determined from boat tickets, creel surveys, and visual observations.

Reporting Requirements:
West Point Reg. 215-5 does not have mandatory requirements for reporting catch. Anglers are encouraged to voluntarily report the take in trout and any catch in hybrid muskellunge, grass carp, or walleye, as well as unusual conditions or indications of disease in the fishery or habitats.

• The Angler Diary Program allows anglers to record their catches (keepers and releases) throughout the season, and turn in the diary at the end of the season. Call (845) 938-7122 or
e-mail Christopher.Pray@usma.edu for more information on this program.

2016 Trout Stocking

West Point Catch Limits & Season
Angler Diary Program
West Point Bass Club

Fish Species & Fishing Areas
Fishing & Hunting Tidbits
Often Confused Fishes of
West Point waters

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