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8am-6pm, 7 days a week

MWR Recreation Division (RD)
(845) 938-2503
Range Control (845) 938-3930
Natural Resourses (845) 938-7122

Purchase your West Point Hunting and Fishing Permits at Round Pond Recreation Area.
West Point Hunting Permits for this upcoming season are on sale now at Round Pond Recreation Area, open Monday - Sunday from 8am-5pm. Hunters must present there NYS Hunting License and Military/ DOD ID to purchase a permit.

REMINDER: Round Pond Recreation is no longer selling NYS Licenses. All eligible personnel must have NYS License prior to purchasing a West Point Permit.

West Point 2016 Pheasant Stocking Map

Spring Turkey Season 2016

2015 Pheasant Stocking Amounts
2016-2017 Daily Bag Limit
Notes on Deer Poulation 2015
Other public hunting areas near by
DEC White-Tailed Deer Harvest 2014
Hunting & Fishing Tidbits

POF Range Fire Delay on October 29
The October 29 POF Range firing hours are from 9am-3pm. Anticipate a delayed start time for .308 ammunition shooters of between 10:30 & 11:30am. This is due to Cadet Military Training on adjacent ranges. Once all personnel are cleared of the affected areas .308 ammunition may be used with no further delays until 3pm. If you have any question or inquires please contact Round Pond Recreation Area 845-938-2503.
Thank you for your understanding

Registration for Opening Day Hunt Lottery:

Regular Firearms Big Game Season Has begun. Please Call Round Pond to Register (845) 938-2503

Lottery will be held Thursday, November 3rd At the Victor Constant Ski Lodge, 6pm
Must Bring Military ID, NYS License, and West Point Permit

Category I - Active duty military personnel and their Family members.
Category II - Retired military personnel, Drilling Reserve and Guard personnel, and West Point
Civilian Personnel and their Family members.

PROXY: In the event an individual will be away from West Point on the date of the lottery, a letter of explanation must be submitted to the Recreation Officer prior to the lottery date. Only one proxy per person will be accepted.
Lottery Proxy Form

GROUP CHIP: One Chipper group, no matter the size for one area, if space available. All hunters in group must be in same Category.


Recreational Firing Range for the West Point Community
DPTMS-Range Operations and Outdoor Recreation will host a recreation firing range for the West Point community (authorized users) on October 8 and 24 from 9am-3pm. Authorized users include: Active duty military personnel, staff & faculty and their families assigned to the installation or directly supported by it. This includes cadets of all service academies who are assigned to West Point and Military personnel retired with pay and their families. (Must have a DoD ID card). This event will be held at Range 5, Gettysburg Range Complex HWY 293 across from the Round Pond entrance.
Please note:
1. All patrons must bring their own targets, hearing & eye protection.
2. Firearms must be compliant with West Point NY firearms laws. pistol, shotgun, and hunting rifles are permitted. No automatic weapons or caliber larger than 7.62mm x51 or .308 equivalent.
3. One guest per ID card holder permitted (liability waiver enforced). Minors must be accompanied by their sponsor.
4. Please note: Mine Torne Road and Stilwell Lake will be closed from 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
5. Family and MWR (ODR) will be selling West Point hunting & fishing permits, Targets, and Ear protection, along with refreshments and snacks.

For more information, call the Round Pond Recreation Area (845) 938-2503 or
Range Operations at (845) 938-3930.

West Point Hunting Sign-Outs
This is a must for all hunters who are hunting/walking/scouting for all
seasons except Big Game Rifle which is done in person at a Location TBD. To sign in and out through Hunting Tracker while in our West Point hunting areas please be sure you can log in and your password is still valid before you plan on hunting or scouting. First Time WP Hunters: In order to access this system, you will need to come to Round Pond to create an account where you'll be issued a User Name and Password.
West Point Hunting Tracker Application
West Point Hunting Tracker web page

General Public Hunting Permits

General Public Hunting Permits
DMU Release Form

There has been a significant change for members of the general public interested in hunting for big game (White-tailed deer, Black Bear and Coyote) on the USMA-West Point Installation.  MWR-Hunting and the Natural Resources Branch have developed a fee permit system that will allow thirty-five (35) hunters to obtain permits hunt on the installation for the 2016-17 hunt season.

West Point Public Hunter Permit Process

Permit Pickup Deadline Periods
Applications will be accepted beginning Monday, August 1, 2016 until Close of Business (1630): Friday, September 30, 2016.
A Random Permit drawing will be held Saturday, October 1 2016
There will be a deadline for permit claim Monday, October 31 2016

West Point Permit Fees
Bring your driver's license and N.Y.S. Fishing License to obtain
a West Point Fishing Permit.









E5 and up DoD Civilans




Ages 65 and over & Veterans




Summer Task Force




Juniors, ages 12-15



New York State Hunting Licenses:
West Point Family and MWR has discontinued the in person sale of New York State Hunting and Fishing Licenses.  We will continue to sell West Point permits through Outdoor Recreation at Round Pond Campground starting 1 April from 0800-1800. Contact x2503 for more information about West Point Permits. Patrons are able to purchase their New York State Hunting and Fishing Licenses either online at https://aca.dec.accela.com/dec/, in person at various local locations including the offices of the Town of Highlands, Town of Cornwall, and the Town of New Windsor, or via telephone at (866) 933-2257.  A comprehensive list of local locations is available from the New York DEC at http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/95698.html#Orange. Please note, fishing licenses are instantly valid but for Hunting license, you must wait 14 business days to receive your license/tags by mail before going hunting. To get licenses/tags instantly, visit a license issuing agent location.

Active Duty, non-New York resident personnel will still be able to purchase their discounted New York State License either online or in person at various local locations including the offices of the Town of Highlands, Town of Cornwall, and the Town of New Windsor. If they are purchasing in person, they are encouraged to fill out this form ahead of time: http://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/wildlife_pdf/affidavit.pdf. More information about New York State reduced fee Sporting Licenses is available here: http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/6097.html

Migaratory Bird Species
(woodcock, ducks, geese, coots, rails)- All hunters that wish to hunt any migratory bird species must register with the HIP (Harvest Information Program) before going hunting for the first time. See the information brochure on the HIP program for details, follow the WWW link below, or call NYS DEC's toll-free automated info line at 1-888-4 ASK HIP (1-888-427-5447). This is a requirement in all states.

Hunting Policies and Programs
This web page does not contain all West Point hunting regulations. Consult West Point West Point REG 215-5 for the complete listing. Changes to West Point REG 215-5 (September 2012). New York State hunting laws govern seasons, bag limits, and permitted weapons unless the West Point provisions are more restrictive. Individuals are responsible for complying with all rules and laws.

Permit Requirements
All hunters must have a New York hunting license, and a West Point hunting permit to hunt at West Point.
New York hunting, big-game, licenses can be purchased at any town clerk’s office or at some sporting goods stores. To purchase a license, you need a previous license issued by any state or Canadian province, or proof of completion of a hunter safety course from any state. To hunt deer and bear with a bow you will also need to have proof of completion of a bow hunter safety course from New York State.
Military personnel stationed in New York qualify for resident licenses. A New York driver’s license or a copy of your assignment orders will satisfy the proof of residency requirement. Cadets from other states as full-time students also qualify for New York resident licenses.

Youth Hunting
New York laws allow children ages 12-15 to hunt small-game while accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who is also licensed to hunt small-game. Children ages 14 and 15 may also hunt deer and bear during the special archery season if a licensed adult archery big-game hunter accompanies them.
NEW Youth Hunting Mentoring Programs allows those 14 and 15 to hunt deer and bear during the big game season. Requirements are a junior hunting license and accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or a “youth mentor” (with a big game hunting license) 21 years or older designated in writing with the DEC issued permission form that has at least 3 years hunting experience. The youth hunter must stay on the ground and not use a tree stand.
NEW Youth Trapping Mentoring Programs allows those less than 12 years to accompany and assist a licensed trapper who has at least 3 years of trapping experience. The licensed trapper may be a parent, legal guardian, or a “youth mentor” (a licensed trapper) 18 years or older designated in writing with the DEC issued permission form. They may assist the licensed trapper without possessing a trapping license. If you wish to trap on your own and are under 12 you will need to complete the NYS Trapper Education Program. To continue trapping once you are 12 you will need to complete the NYS Trapper Education Program.

Permit Fees
Fees for West Point hunting permits, daily guest permits, and weekly guest permits are determined annually. For information call (845) 938-2503/3860.

Types Of Hunting Available
West Point hunters can pursue a wide variety of small-game and big-game species including: gray squirrels, ruffed grouse, woodcock, wild turkey (both spring and fall), coyotes, red fox, gray fox, raccoons, white-tailed deer, crows, black bear, cottontail rabbits, common snipe, wood ducks, Canada geese, mallard ducks, black ducks, and several other duck species. Stocking of ring-necked pheasants and bobwhite quail may also occur

Waterfowl Hunting
Waterfowl hunting opportunities are limited, but the action can be exciting when the birds are coming in. The lakes and ponds that the ducks and geese frequent at West Point are grouped (WF1-WF4) for sign-out purposes. The waters in each group are located on the front page of the sign-out sheet. There are three or four wetlands not included in these groups that occasionally have ducks and geese. These areas must be selected by choosing the Hunting Area that they are within. Area capacities still apply. Remember: only non-toxic (non-lead) shot may be possessed and used when hunting and/or shooting at waterfowl.

Tree Stands & Duck Blinds
Permanent tree stands are prohibited at West Point. Use of spikes or screw-in steps or anything that damages trees or is nailed to a tree is also prohibited. Portable tree stands and ladder stands are permitted. Duck blinds may only be made from natural materials found at the hunting location. The blind must be taken down and removed by the end of February each year.

Safety Requirements
There are several West Point regulations in place to improve safety conditions for hunting on West Point. First, during the Regular Big-Game Season (commonly referred as “Rifle” season), all hunters except waterfowl hunters must wear at least 400 square inches of fluorescent orange clothing. This is an area 20”x20”, so a vest is the minimum amount of clothing that would meet this requirement, provided that the vest is all orange. During the Special Muzzleloader Deer Season, all muzzleloader deer hunters must wear at least 100 square inches of fluorescent orange clothing. For this season, a hat will suffice.
Second, no firearm or bow may be discharged within 50 feet of the major roadways that intersect or adjoin the reservation (Routes 6, 9W, 293, & 218, Mine Torne Road, Smith Clove Road, Mineral Springs Road, and Stony Lonesome Road).
Third, obey the hunter capacities for each of the areas. The area quotas were designed to spread people out so that a hunter is less likely to crowd upon another hunter using the area.
Finally, both New York State Law and West Point regulation prohibit shooting a bow or firearm within 500 feet of an occupied building.

Tagging Requirements
New York laws and West Point regulation require successful deer, bear, and turkey hunters to fill out the carcass tag immediately upon bagging an animal. For deer, the tag does not have to be attached to the animal until you are ready to transport it in your vehicle and return to Range Control.

Trapping Areas Map graphic link
West Point Trapping Areas Map

Unfortunately, every year hunters unknowingly commit violations of New York game laws by not properly filling out their tags. The fine can vary every year.
To avoid this unfortunate circumstance, here are a few bits of information to keep in mind when filling out your deer, bear, or turkey tags. First, be sure to carry a pen. A pencil is not legal. Keep the pen next to your body in cold weather so that the ink will not freeze. Second, on deer and turkey carcass tags, the month and date must be cut out or marked out. The month is on one side of the tag (in letters) and the dates (in numbers) are along another side. Finally, there are several blocks on the tags which successful hunters either leave blank or fill incorrectly. The information you record in these blocks is important for New York State in managing its deer populations. Here are the proper pieces of information: COUNTY of KILL - West Point is in Orange County; TOWN of KILL - This refers to township, not town, city, or community. West Point is within three townships - Highlands (the main township), Woodbury (the next largest portion), and, Cornwall. The boundaries of each township are located on your West Point Hunting Map. Consult your map to determine which township you were within. NEAREST VILLAGE - use “West Point”. WILDLIFE MGT. UNIT - Because New York has such varied terrain and habitats, these regions support different levels of deer populations. To effectively manage the state deer herd, New York subdivides the state into many smaller units (wildlife management units), each with its own management requirements. West Point is located within wildlife management unit “3P”. Most of the other blocks are self-explanatory. Be sure that all the areas are filled correctly.
The New York Regulation Guide you receive when you buy your license also explains how to fill out your tags. If there is still confusion, contact the Natural Resources Branch for answers to any remaining questions.

Points Of Contact:

NATURAL RESOURCES BRANCH DHPW (845) 938-3857/7122: Wildlife management operations, game species population status on the reservation, questions on New York hunting and trapping regulations.

West Point hunting and guest passes, NY hunting licenses, area maps, West Point hunting regulations (West Point Regulation 215-5).
RANGE CONTROL (845) 938-3930
Access to Reservation for hunting, fishing, and trapping.

(845) 938-3333
Law enforcement.

New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation Regional Office, New Paltz, NY- Region 3 (845) 256-3098): NY game laws, license information, hunter safety course information.
To report NYS Game Law Violations, call (845) 256-3013.