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Office Hours:
Monday - Friday, 10am-4:30pm

Register at Parent Central
Building 140
Registration Hours:
Monday - Friday 7am - 4pm
Closed Daily from 12:15-12:45pm

Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS)
Middle School and Teen Center (MST)
Bldg. 500, West Point , NY
(845) 938-3550/8896

Oneisha Staples,
Sports & Fitness Director

(845) 938-8896

Patrick Rossi,
Sports & Fitness Assistant Director

(845) 938-8525

Weather Hotline: (845) 938-8897

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Directions to the Fields on Post

Youth Sports Calendar

Basketball Coaches Needed

JBK Soccer Tryouts
Tryouts will be held at the H-Lot Sports Complex, from 6-8PM, on Wednesday,August 17th. Tryouts are for youths ages 7-14. Teams will be formed based onplayer and coach availability. There is a minimal registration fees ($300), uniform fees will be additional cost. For more information contact Youth Sports Office (845) 938-8525.

West Point Youth Sports and Fitness offers a variety of sports and fitness programming for the West Point community youth. The West Point Youth Sports philosophy promotes, supports and encourages the development of character, athleticism, sportsmanship and healthy life style skills. We believe all children should have the opportunity to learn, grow, develop and build lasting relationships in a fun, safe and positive environment. Youth Sports and Fitness programs rely on the participation and support of parents as volunteer coaches. Volunteer coaches and parents are supplied trainings seasonally to maximize the most current information supplied by the Department of Army, National Alliance of Youth Sports (NAYS), and the Parents Association for Youth Sports (PAYS) in accordance with the Department of Defense (DOD) standards. To acknowledge the time and effort of our volunteers, Youth Services allows a coach’s child to participate in the sport free of registration fees.

Therefore, the goal of West Point Youth Sports is to provide programs and venues for young people of all backgrounds to participate and enjoy a variety of sports programs while maintaining a safe, wholesome

Sports and Fitness Offerings
Program Ages/Grades Season
Modified Cross Country WPMS Grades 7-8 Fall
Modified Soccer WPMS Grades 7-8 Fall
Travel Soccer Ages 9-14 Fall/Spring
Soccer Just 4 U Ages 4 Fall/Spring
Soccer Division A Ages 5-6 Fall/Spring
Soccer Division B Ages 7-9 Fall/Spring
Soccer Division C Ages 10-13 Fall/Spring
Soccer Ages 4-13 Fall/Spring
Basketball Ages 4-13 Winter
Modified Basketball WPMS Grades 7-8 Winter
Travel Basketball Ages 9-14 Winter
Swimming Ages 7-15 Winter
Baseball Ages 4-12 Spring
Lacrosse Ages 10-12 Spring
Modified Track and Field WPMS Grades 7/8 Spring
Travel Baseball Ages 7-10 Spring, Summer

Sport Programs flyers Fall 2016
Program Ages/Grades Cost Current Flyer
Modified Cross Country Grades 7 & 8 N/A View Flyer
Just 4 U Soccer Age 4 $20.00 View Flyer
Soccer Division A Ages 5-6 $55.00 View Flyer
Soccer Division B Ages 7 & 8 $55.00 View Flyer
Soccer Division C Ages 9-11 $55 View Flyer
Soccer Modified Grades 7 & 8 $55 View Flyer
Atoms Hockey Ages 4-7 $200 View Flyer
Intermediate/Advanced Swim Ages 7 & up $80 View Flyer
Intermediate/Advanced Swim Ages 7 & up $80 View Flyer
Travel Basketball Grade 8 $100 View Flyer
Recreatonal Baskeball Ages 4-11 $55 View Flyer
JR NBA Basketball Ages 4-11 Free100 View Flyer