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Available to grades 6-12

Academic Hours (September - May):
Monday - Thursday, 2-8pm
Friday, 2-9pm
Saturday, 12-9pm

Summer Hours
(June 10 - August 15):

Monday - Thursday, 1-8pm
Friday, 1-9pm
Saturday, 12-9pm

Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS)
Middle School and Teen Center (MST)
Bldg. 500, West Point , NY
(845) 938-3727

Aaron Behrman, Facility Director

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MST Open Recreation
Middle school and teens, grades 6 to 12, gather at Building 500 for both planned and spontaneous
activities daily. This is a 15,000 square foot building offering a full basketball court, teen and middle school lounges, a technology center and snack area with billiards and air hockey tables. Planned
programs are from Boys and Girls Club programs such as the Fine Arts Program, SMART Kids programs and Project Learn. We also offer programs from 4-H and the Army Youth Program Framework. A monthly calendar is developed with daily activities and events that include trips, computer games, contests, gym activities and crafts. Check out the activities by stopping into the Youth Center.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Nationally recognized for excellence by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the National Parks and Recreation Association, West Point Middle School Teen Center offers a full range of social, cultural, instructional and athletic programs. By integrating curriculum, environments, activities and personal interactions, the Middle School Teen Center provides a supportive and accepting atmosphere for physical, intellectual, creative, cultural, emotional, and social development.
The Boys & Girls Club programs present opportunities for leadership development and exposure to a variety of activities. Programs include the Keystone and Torch Clubs, Youth of the Year, Power Hour, Money Matters, Job Ready, Digital Arts Suites, Fine Arts Competition, Smart Girls and Passport to Manhood.
In addition to the Boys & Girls Club programs, the Middle School Teen Center offers 4-H, sports and fitness activities, a state-of-the-art Technology Center, a Cooking Club, and numerous volunteer activities. Besides a diverse activity program, Middle School Teen Center members frequently go on field trips, both on and off post. Member feedback helps determine the curriculum and field trip destinations. Special events are scheduled throughout the week.
West Point Youth Services offers a wide variety of programs in conjunction with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Teen Supreme Keystone Club
Teen Supreme Keystone Club is our High School leadership group that provides input for program development, conducts a variety of community service projects and fulfills CLUBService Boys and Girls Club project goals.

Torch Club
Torch Club is our Middle School leadership group that provides input on program development, conducts a variety of community service projects and fulfills CLUBService Boys and Girls Club project goals.

Teen Supreme, Job Ready
and Career Exploration

Teen Supreme, Job Ready and Career Exploration are conducted through Workforce Preparation Programs and run in conjunction with our Torch and Keystone Club initiatives. These programs help youth prepare for first jobs, career choices and potential college selection.

The Presidential Freedom Scholarship
The Presidential Freedom Scholarship is available for juniors and seniors in high school that have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the community.

National Youth of the Year Program
National Youth of the Year Program is conducted on a local level with teens who are recognized monthly for their community service, leadership and character. This program culminates in a Youth of the Year Competition that affords the winner an opportunity to compete as Youth of the Year for New York State.

Smart Moves Programs
Smart Moves Programs, including Street SMART and SMART Girls, are run as discussion groups and special focus training opportunities at Youth Services. This program runs in conjunction with the West Point Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program. Youth are assisted in making smart choices about resisting alcohol, drugs, and early sexual activity.

Power Hour
Power Hour homework assistance is provided by our Homework Center Teacher. The Computer Lab Instructor and School Age and Youth Services Staff assist youth with school projects and daily homework assignments to help them be successful academically.

Fine Arts Program
Fine Arts Competition, Image Makers National Photography Contest, and Digital Arts sponsored by Boys & Girls Clubs are conducted at Youth Services. Youth Services Staff provides Fine Arts instruction and cover areas including dance, painting, clay sculpting, digital photography, computer graphics and other special programs conducted at the West Point Arts and Crafts Center.

Fitness Authority Program
Fitness Authority is a sports program held once a year that encourages youth to live healthy, active and fit lifestyles. The program is a 12-week curriculum for 6-18 year olds that includes activities, games and contests. Participants have an opportunity to participate in regional and national events.

Club Tech
Club Tech and Digital Arts Suite technology programs featuring Design Tech, Web Tech, Photo Tech and Music Tech are designed to combine technology and the arts. Youth are able to explore the world of technology with assistance of our full-time Computer Specialist.

Army Youth Sponsorship Program
The Army Youth Sponsorship Program is comprised of two elements: the Child & Youth Services Youth Sponsorship Club and the Student To Student (S2S) School Transition Support Program. The Army Youth Sponsorship Program is facilitated by the CYS Services Youth Sponsorship Team, while the S2S program is delivered through O’Neill High School. The S2S Program is school-managed and student-led! The goal is to ensure consistent and predictable programming to all eligible children and youth living on and off post, regardless of their geographic proximity to the military installation, and to support parents by aiding their children and youth through relocation, school and life transitions.

Youth Sponsorship Overview
Youth Sponsorship plays a very important role in the moving process. Many questions and concerns are expressed when families move. For youth, the fear of the unknown is a scary and very real concern. Here are some examples:
• Who will be my friends?
• What will my new school be like?
• What activities/sports are available?
• Will I fit in?
• What are the other kids wearing?

Youth Sponsorship
A Youth Sponsor will help provide the answer to these questions and many more. Their job is to help eliminate the unknowns. The most important part of being a Youth Sponsor is to be a friend and help the newcomer feel welcome! A Youth Sponsor will be able to introduce the newcomer to friends at School, the Middle School Teen Center and/or the School Age Center Program!

Local Youth Sponsorship
Youth Sponsors are available for Middle School students and O’Neill High School students. If you are moving to this area and are interested in obtaining a youth sponsor for your child please feel free to call the West Point School Liaison at (845) 938-2092.
O'Neill Sponsor Request Form
Youth Sponsor Request Form
Volunteer Sponsor Request Form

Please note: Children registered at CYSS will need to have a signed Internet Permission Slip in order to utilize the CYSS computers.

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