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Available to grades 6-12

Academic Hours
(September - May):
Monday - Thursday, 2-8pm
Friday, 2-9pm
Saturday, 12-9pm

Summer Hours
(June 10 - August 15):

Monday - Thursday, 1-8pm
Friday, 1-9pm
Saturday, 12-9pm

Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS)
Middle School and Teen Center (MST)
Bldg. 500, West Point , NY
(845) 938-3727/3208

Marion Declemente,
hired! Program Specialist
(845) 938-8889

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What is hired! ?
The hired! program encompasses two main components, being “HIRed!”, actually working in a volunteer position and “EDucation”. That is, participating in workforce preparation and secondary education exploration classes, which prepare the participant for life after high school.
Students graduating from high school are facing profound social, technological and economic changes. The goal of the hired! Program is to help teens develop the necessary confidence and employee-valued abilities to succeed in today’s competitive job market. Our program provides a community-wide framework to help develop today’s youth to become productive members of society.

Apprenticeship Terms:
“hired!” Apprentice Terms consist of 4, twelve week terms repeated annually. Participants 15-18 years of age are able to participate in a maximum of 2 terms per year for 3 consecutive years. Within each 12 week term, apprentices are expected to work 15 hours in a 7 day period while concurrently participating in the hired! Workforce Preparation and Secondary Education Exploration Workshops. These workshops are provided by the Program Coordinator or the hired! MWR Placement Site.

Workshops offered
at the Youth Center
500 Washington Road
Every first and third Wednesday of the month.

CONTACT: Marion DeClemente: Supervisory Program Specialist
P:  938-8889

Apprentice Selection Process:
1. Must be 15-18 years of age. However, at 14 a teen can start taking the prerequisite courses.
2. Six workforce preparation and secondary education trainings are a prerequisite for participation in the HIRED! Apprenticeship Program (offered at Youth Services at no cost).
3. School document showing a grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
4. All potential Apprentices must have a current CYSS Membership and up to date shot record on file at Youth Services before applying for an apprenticeship position.